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30-71 Steinway St, Astoria, NewYork
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Perfect Brazilian Wax – Brazilian Waxing – Bikini Wax Salon

Are you looking for the Perfect Brazilian Wax? Has it been a while since you had Brazilian Waxing? Looking for the best Brazilian Bikini waxing salon? Come try Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon, the leader in the best waxing services for women in the NYC, NY area, located in Astoria, Queens, New York. We have been serving the Tri-State area for 17 years, and does the most perfect Brazilian Wax found anywhere! That is why people from Manhattan, Long Island, Forest hills, NJ, CT, Flushing, Whitestone, Bayside, Brooklyn, etc, make the trip on a regular basis, to have us do their waxing needs.

What makes our Brazilian Wax the best?

1) We analyze your hair pattern. We see which way the hair is growing and wax according to hair direction. No wonder many women claim our Brazilian Bikini wax is Painless!

2) We have a Brazilian do our Brazilian Wax Monday thru Friday. She is the best there is, and have another talented woman on weekends! Brazilian’s know how to do Brazilian Waxing. That is why people come all of the time!

3) We use top of line products, for our Brazilian Wax! We are not cheap, and hence spend the most on the best quality wax products, which helps eliminate the ouch!

4) We have a gorgeous, plush hair salon, with two top of the line private rooms! Relax in an upscale environment for this very private procedure!

5) Price! We are so confident you will love our Brazilian Wax, that we charge $40 for you to try it the first time! Then the price is a regular $55. For the introduction price, you have nothing to lose, so come in and try us out!!

6) We use a very special designed cream and spray to numb the area, before we wax. This truly makes our waxing one of the most PAINLESS Waxing every found!

7) We sooth the area after the Waxing with anti- irritation cream, and anti in grown hair cream, which will help you maintain that beautiful look for days to come.

Patricia's Salon has now become the go to Brazilian Waxing Salon for women who want the best in Brazilian Waxing Services. Find out why our salon is one of the best in Brazilian Waxing! We clearly state our reasons, some give us a try. We are leaders in the art of Brazilian Waxing, and it is an art. We take this art seriously, because we women love to look great! So ladies, come on it, try the best, the one and only Patricia’s Famous Wax Salon.











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