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30-71 Steinway St, Astoria, NewYork
New York City
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Famous NY, New York Hair Salon - Best NYC Hair Salon

In trying to pick the best hair salon to go to from so many different hair salons in NYC, New York, NY one needs to go through many factors. How long has the hair salon been in business? What is the hair salons reputation? Does the hair salon have specialties that they are famous for? Do clients travel far away to go to them since they are the best hair salon? If you want a Yes answer to any of the above questions, then that NY, NYC, New York hair salon is Patricia's Famous Hair Salon of NYC. We are the World Leader for Extensions and Female Hair Loss issues. We have the best hair colorists on staff. We have the best hair cutters in NYC, NY. We have 3 Spa Facials, Skin Care, waxing experts. We have been in business for over 20 Years. We have clients who fly to visit us from the Caribbean, from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We have invented techniques that nobody else has, that other hair salons do not offer. We are 5 years ahead of what other hair salons offer. Why would you even dare to go somewhere else, when Patricia's Famous Hair Salon is the best hair salon in New York City.

Patricia's Famous Hair Salon has master hair colorists, hair cutters, hair stylists to give your hair the best look around. Patricia's has the best spa facials in NY. We are famous for our waxing, especially our Brazilian Waxing services. Our extensions and hair loss services are legendary, with a worldwide reputation and following. Royalty, Diplomats, the Elite have all visited Patricia's Famous hair salon for some of the best extension and hair loss services found anywhere in the world, especially anything offered anywhere in NYC, NY, New York, Manhattan and Long Island!

When you visit our best hair salon, we work hard to make you feel the best, to help you get the look that you want. If it is hair coloring, our hair colorists go over your hair options, to give you the look that you want. We use the latest color designs, and the best in hair coloring products. If it is a haircut you are looking for, we do all hair cuts and designs. If you want the best spa facial, our experts can help pick the best spa facial from our 10+ unique spa facials that we offer. Need a wax, especially Brazilian Waxing? Many women call our Brazilian Waxing Painless, we will let you decide! We hire the best hair people out there. Everyone wants to work for us since we are the best! People all over the internet have tried to copy our ideas! Why go to copycats or "want to be's". You can have the original, the best, the world famous salon that is located in NYC, NY, New York! Come visit our best in NY hair salon!

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Patricia's Hair Extention Salon

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