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Alopecia Totalis Solutions for Women

Patricia’s Hair Loss Salon is the destination for women suffering from Alopecia Totalis and all various Alopecia Types. Alopecia Totalis is basically a total loss of all hair on the head. It can spread to the body, but the main concern is the complete loss of hair on the head. We have many beautiful hair systems that work perfectly to recreate the hair on your head. All of our Alopecia Totalis Solutions are hand made, and custom fit to your head. We only use the best human hair for all of our Alopecia Totalis hair units. Located in NYC, we are close to all areas of NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, and more. We are a female hair salon, our hair loss solutions are for women.

Alopecia Totalis can be caused by stress, auto immune system issues, genetic issues and more. There are some medications that doctors use to help, but for the most part, most women want some type of real, natural hair system, that helps make you look like you did before the hair loss. We have the most and best hair systems for women in NYC, NY, New York. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, very close to Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut. Visit us; we have a private showroom to showcase our hair loss systems. We have many hair loss options using different attachment mechanisms.

As a woman, I realize how difficult hair loss is. That is why I have been in the hair industry for over 25 years. It is a passion of mine, not just a job. We have people make all of our hair units by hand, most take 100 hours each to make. We use premium Remy hair from all hair regions, depending on what your goals and look you want to achieve.

If you suffer from Alopecia Totalis visit us today. If you live in or near NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT, LI, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, call for a free consult. You can see what we offer for Alopecia Totalis, what your options are, and then if you want to do something, you can do it right afterwards if you wish. We are Alopecia Totalis specialists.












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