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30-71 Steinway St, Astoria, NewYork
New York City
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Best Hair Highlights in NYC – Best Highlights in New York

Are you looking for a salon that does great hair highlights?

Are you looking for a salon that has top hair colorists that can help explain what is going to be the best highlights style for you?

Are you looking for a salon that knows how to do the highlights in your hair?

Blonde Highlights?
Black highlights?
Color Highlights?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, come try Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions and hair color salon of New York, NY. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY and have been serving the NY, NJ, CT area with a focus on Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, for over 17 years.

Our colorists have been trained in the latest and best hair highlights techniques. We work on all hair types, European, Latin, African American, Blonds, Brunettes, Red Heads, etc. We are expert highlights artists, and also for people with hair extensions or thinking about getting hair extensions. Why go somewhere else when in NY, New York? Patricia’s is your one stop full service salon.

We do:

Full Head Hair Highlights – Black hair to Blonde highlights? Brown Hair Highlights? Your possibilities are endless at Patricia’s Hair Salon

Partial Head Highlights – Only need partial head highlights? Half a head highlights? We are experts in all hair highlights.

Roots Hair Highlights – Highlights Retouches – We are Pro’s in taking care of your highlights roots. We have top hair colorists who can take care of all Highlights conditions. Come to our hair salon, we will take care of you.

We offer your free Highlights consultations, to go over all of your hair color needs. Whether it is hair with highlights, dark highlights, red highlights, brown highlights, etc, we can help. Why go anywhere else, when we take care of your hair and hair Highlights needs in class. We have a 4000SF Luxury Beauty Salon that is one of the best in New York, NY. Come give us a try, you will not be disappointed, and you will be coming back for year to come. We are a top women's hair Highlights salon and people need not to pay for highlights and we do highlights, lowlights, and more.

We also do the best in low lights or lowlights for your hair. Lowlights are the opposite of highlights, and are very popular for people to have for contrasts in their hair.









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