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Chemotherapy Hair Loss Solutions for Women

As a salon, nothing is hard for me to see more than a women losing her hair due to Chemotherapy. That is why we worked so hard to find the best hair solutions for women undergoing Chemotherapy, or Chemo Hair Loss for short. We are the NY, New York City, NY experts located in Astoria, Queens, NY with clients in Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia and more.

We have a whole solution/regiment that works for women undergoing Chemotherapy. We first use a medical hair prosthesis, or hair system unit that fits nicely to your head. Many people call them hair units, hair systems, wigs, lace wigs, and more. A prosthesis is a fancy name that some women might not be aware of in doing their Chemo Research. As your hair grows over time, usually your hair grows ˝ inch per month, so in 6-8 month time, you can then move onto some of our special hair extensions types. With these hair extensions, your hair will look like it was before the Chemo treatment. We are the NY leader in hair prosthesis units for women. Each prosthesis is sized to fit your head.

As a women, we realize most women are not trilled with the idea of hair prosthesis, so we specialize in getting your hair to the most minimal level that you can remove your hair unit and switch into hair extensions, which is much more comfortable in the long run. We work with the shortest hair lengths. We can work with hair as low as 2-3 inches. We have many women who have visited us after they have begun their Chemo. Not many hair salons have solutions for Chemo hair loss. We do, it is one of our many hair loss specialties.

Each hair prosthesis or hair system is very natural, made from 100% human premium hair. Over time, as your hair grows, and it will grow faster than most women realize, we can then convert you to free flowing hair extensions. Women love the fact that as a woman myself, we think like women. There are many so called experts in Manhattan and Long Island that do not have a clue about a woman’s needs. We are a women’s salon, 98% of all of our clients are women.

So if interested, call for a free consult. You won’t lose anything from going over your hair options. Many women have made the trip from Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut. New Jersey, Westchester, NY, NYC, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and more. You should make the trip also. Most people save over 50% as compared to Manhattan pricing.









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