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Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions is our top of the line Hair Extension System. Many celebrities use Great Lengths due to the high hair quality, and it has very small hair bonds, that make it undetectable. Great Lengths hair is cared for just like your natural hair. You can Brush it, color it, use straighteners, perm it, use hairdryer, curling Iron and all other standard styling tools. Great Lengths has topped the list of many popular magzines for being the hottest hair extension system across the country. We at Patricia's Salon are famous for the amount of Great Lengths hair extensions that we have performed. We are one of the top Great Lengths salons in the country. We focus on the New York City, New York area, but also have many customers for New Jersey, Boston, CT, Pittsburg, Long Island, Westchester, and from around the country.

We are Certified Great Lengths Specialists, trained and coached in the field of Hair Extensions. We are also one of the top 50 hair salons that were trained in the Great Lengths Cold Fusion method. In Great Lengths 100% human hair are used. They come pre-bonded with a polymer bond (not glue). The bond is attached to your own natural hair using a high frequency unit that is heated to the same temperature as a curling iron. Great Length comes in many sizes and lengths, and Great Lengths pricing depends on amount of hair. The hair is great for people with curly hair, straight hair and comes in these textures also. If you are looking for a Great Lengths Salon, Patricia's Salon is your answer. We are also listed at

Patricia’s Great Lengths Hair Extensions Salon is the top Great Lengths Hair Extension Salon located in the New York, NY, NYC area serving NJ, CT, Manhattan, and Long Island. We will also have Great Lengths Multi-strand, the Great Lengths Air Pressure system, Great Lengths Multistrand coming in June 2008. We will be one of the first salons in New York to offer this system. Great Lengths Multi Strand offers for doing multi hair bonds at the same time. This makes the hair extension get done faster. I am already very fast with all of the different Great Lengths Hair systems, but this new system has been approved for Europe, and now is only coming to the USA.

Great Lengths hair comes in many different colors and lengths. When you come in for a consultation, I will help you choose a hair color and hair length for Great Lengths, that looks best for your head shape, your hair needs, and your budget and your personality. Great Lengths is one of my top of the line systems, and therefore is not cheap. I have other lines if Great Lengths hair extensions does not fit your budget.

Great Lengths hair feels just like your own hair. If you never had hair extensions before, Great Lengths is one of the best systems around. Link based systems take some getting use too for the first time, compared to pre-bonded systems. I have many repeat customers for Great Lengths, and they tend to stick with Great Lengths, because the hair is very easy to take care of, and do last a very long time.

I have many international customers who fly in to me for Great Lengths Hair Extensions, especially because the maintaince is so easy, and most customers with proper care get a full six months use from their Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

If you are worried about heat fusion systems, I also offer the Great Lengths Cold Fusion system. I wrote more about this system, in the Great Lengths Cold Fusion tab. This system uses Ultra Sonic Waves to seal the bonds to your natural hair, and therefore avoids using any heat. We were one of the first fifty hair salons in the country to offer this exciting system. The process takes slightly longer, because the Cold Fusion process takes longer that the standard process. Overall, Great Lengths Cold Fusion serves as a niche for people who prefer another process to heat fusion, with these Ultrasonic waves. Great Lengths was one of the first with the concept, and shows why Great Lengths is the top hair extensions company in the world.

When you look at my Great Lengths photo gallery and my Great Lengths Before and After, and heck all of the Pictures that I have on my website, realize every single person was done in my salon. I have two salons, so the pictures are of actual real clients. Other salons put pictures of people that are not clients, each one of mine is authentic.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are made of 100% Natural human Hair. The quality is so great, because it is temple hair from India, and Great Lengths has huge contracts to buy up all of the hair donated to the temples. They buy tons of hair each month, and no other corporation in the hair extensions industry, can make their scale and size. They only keep and use the best, and it is processed and sold only to the best salons.

Great Lengths has been performed at our salon for many years. We perform both Great Lengths hot fusion and cold fusion. The hair typically lasts from 4-6 months, depending on care. People, who come to our hair salon for maintaince on a regular basis, have the hair last the longer. Like it is in any hair extension, the better you care, the longer the hair extension lasts. We will provide you with the correct hair care instructions.

Patricia's Famous Hair Extensions Salon currently concentrates on the NYC, NY, NJ, New York, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, and Ct area, with customers in Boston, Philadelphia, & Pittsburg. We also have many customers who visit us from Miami, Florida, California, Hollywood, Malibu, Los Angeles, & Texas. Other hair extension customers are from Europe, France, Paris, London, Mexico, Asia, and other countries.

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