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HairDreams Hair Extensions is the top HairDreams Hair Extensions Salon in the USA. We have performed many different HairDreams Hair Extensions, in our salon located in NYC, New York. We are a NY HairDreams extensions leader and we offer both HairDreams Hair Extensions methods. The first being HairDreams Selector and HairDreams LaserBeamer. HairDreams is one of the top hair extension companies and methods in the world, and is used by many celebrities. HairDreams is one of the top three hair extension methods in the world, and that is why we offer it out in our New York Area HairDreams hair extensions salon.

The hair dreams hair extensions itself is of the utmost quality in human hair and it has been treated over a period of weeks to provide the utmost in shine, color and durability. The hair comes in to types. First is HairDreams Special. This type is a top of the line European Virgin hair. The hair is not processed or chemically altered.

The next one is HairDreams basic, which is a top of the line Indian Hair Both hair types last on average for 4-6 months. The hair comes in over 30 Color tones.

The can be attached by two methods, which we are certified in BOTH techniques. One is the HairDreams Selector, which is Fusion based system. Attachments come in multiple sizes, so they can be added to match hair type and desired effects. The HairDreams LaserBeamer is a multi strand type of hair extension method which allows us to add hair on a multiple level, hence making the hair extension process go faster.

We are pleased to offer this exciting hair extension method to our over 100 Different Hair Extensions methods. Nobody in the industry does more types or has done more hair extensions than us, in our New York, NY salon. People come to us from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Boston, Philadelphia, Queens, NJ, CT, Pa. Come in for a free hair analysis and consultation to go over all of your HairDreams Hair Extensions options.













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