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It is my continuous pursuit to offer my customers every possible quality hair extension and Hair Replacement Solution with best result. I am proud to offer another in house developed system in our New York salon called HairNetrics Hair Replacement Solution. This solution is a unique solution and is ideal for women who have hair problem like very thin hair, balding spots, Hair loss due to Medical reason or genetic problems.

This technique is Glue less and works by building a base foundation of hair, and pulling thru your existing hair into the design. It gets topped of with a Lace front Unit which is attached to the base without any glue or adhesives. The whole process is done from scratch. Everything is custom to your head measurements and hair problem areas. Nothing is pre-made.

HairNetrics Hair Replacement is a unique solution and is ideal for women with balding spots, very thin hair and for women who suffer from Medical Hair Loss or genetic hair problems. This technique is ideal for women who do not want the adhesives that are used in Lace Front Wigs. The hair in this process is washable on top of your head. The touchup services are monthly and hair can be reused up to a year with proper care.

We handle all ethnic groups in our salon. Our salon is evenly distributed with many ethnic groups, such as African American Women, Latin Women, and Caucasian Women. Many solutions work best on certain ethnic groups, and hence that is why you will see more pictures of that group in certain sections. I always have people call me, and say "Do you do hair extensions for African American women?" I say, of course we do, and we love doing Black Hair Extensions, African American Extensions. Same thing with Asian women Latin Women, European women.

We have hair types in various hair textures. We have Yaki hair that is popular with African American women, Brazilian hair, which is popular with Latinas. We have European hair which is popular with European women. Indian hair is the most universal, and works with black hair, and Caucasian hair. We are the premier hair extensions and hair replacement salon in the world. We are located in New York, NY in Astoria, Queens, and NYC. We have customers from Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston visit us on a daily basis

If you are interested in this exciting new system, a free consultation and hair analysis is provided to go over this option along with the many other solutions that I have only at









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