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Weaving Systems – Hair Weave Salon

At Patricia's Salon Famous Hair Weave Salon of NYC, New York in Astoria, Queens, NY, we offer multiple hair weave methods at our posh New York hair salon. That is why we serve the Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia, Boston, Westchester markets. We are hair weaving experts, and specialize in many hair weave methods, but four would be the most used hair weaves system by our clients.

The 4 most popular hair weaves are:

1) Hair Tracks – we do hair tracks on your hair to add length.

2) Sew In Hair Weaves – we sew in hair to braids that are placed in your hair

3) Sew in Net Weave – we make a net on your hair and sew in the hair in a hair weaving system.

4) Interlocking Weave – this is our award winning hair weave, very advanced method for doing a weave that is unique to our hair salon in New York

We also have custom techniques like sew in lace weaves, lace weaves, custom weaves, weave integration, weave fusions, etc; about another six different hair weaves, but the list above is our most popular out of our Ten Hair Weaves.

Now, that said, I want to clearly state, the we at Patricia’s Salon, do not recommend hair weaves, I repeat, we do not recommend hair weaves. Now you might ask, why do you say that, when you do 10 hair weaves? Easy, because hair weaves is not the preferred hair method to add length. There are MUCH BETTTER OPTIONS FOR YOUR HAIR OTHER THAN WEAVES, such as hair Extensions, fusion extensions, and Microlink extensions or hair replacement.

We perform 7 different hair weaves types, such as sew in, interlocking, net weaves, braid weaves, and many more. People call us and say, they want a hair weave. They do so because salons often do them ONLY, and since that is what they know, THEY PUSH PEOPLE INTO WEAVES, because that is ALL THEY OFFER. We at Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon, offer well over 70 different hair Extension Types, close to 70 actually! We know there are better options for you, than just a weave. That is why we offer only PREMIUM HAIR Weaves, with Premium Hair. Our Hair weave Price Range is from $500 -$1300, since we only offer premium hair weave hair and hair weaving methods at our salon.

The only people, who should do weaves, as I write in my blog, are people who are trying to basically cover up most of their hair. They don’t like their hair texture, and they want to cover up a lot of it. These people are also not interested in doing a Lace Front Wig, because a lace front wig uses adhesive, and they do not want an adhesive. Also they are not interested in a hair replacement system, because you can have many of the hair weave effects with a hair replacement system.

So if you do not want to integrate your hair in a hair fusion type of technique, you don’t want a Lace Front Wig, and don’t want a hair replacement system, or don’t want another form of hair extensions, then you should look at hair weaves. We do hair weaves for all ethnic backgrounds, such as African American Women, Latinas, Caucasian women, Asian women etc, but they are the most popular with black women. We also work with all hair types, such as Yaki hair, black hair, blonde hair, curly hair, brown hair, etc.

We at Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon, work hard in helping you find the best hair extensions, weaves, hair replacement types, that are out in the market. We won’t push you into anything you don’t want to do. We find what is going to be best for you, based on budget, look desired, texture, and need. We offer Over 70 different hair options. That is why people travel to use from Manhattan, Long island, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Westchester, Boston, New York, NYC, for all of the different hair options, techniques that we offer, in our beautiful, plush, New York Hair and Beauty Salon.

Call us to schedule a free hair analysis and consultation, and we will help find the best hair technique for you!



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