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Female Hair Integration Systems

Our female hair integrations are second to none on the planet. All are handmade hair systems using the best hair found anywhere. We use 100% Human Hair on all Hair Integration systems, and they are all custom tailored. We have numerous in house suppliers that only work with us when it comes to our women’s hair integration systems. In New York, there are many copycats who think they know what they are doing. Never choose a copycat “hair want to be hair salon” when it comes to female hair loss options or thinning hair. New York City has a name of the destination for the best in hair integration systems, and that name is Patricia’s Famous Hair Integrations Salon.

Hair Integrations systems work by blending your hair and the hair integration system. This blending process results in a custom look, and a look that looks original and normal. Nobody can or will ever tell that you have a hair integration system. They will all think that it is all your hair. Our prices are better than Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Philadelphia, Boston, and other New York City locations. That is why everyone comes to us. All of New Jersey comes to us for hair integration. All of Connecticut comes to us for the best in hair integration. The entire world actually comes to our top hair integration salon located in NY, NYC, New York! You should too!

Our hair integration systems are all handmade, not machine made. We have hair masters who work exclusively for us. That is why you cannot find any hair integration system similar to ours on the planet. Ours are that exclusive! We use the same hair that is found in our top hair extensions types for all of our integration units. It is a quality that is unmatched in the market place.

Call for a free consult. We go over what system is going to be correct for you. It could be hair integration, or one of our many other hair systems and options that we carry. We have 10 different systems, and nobody is even close to that. You have nothing to chance with a free evaluation.












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