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Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

No other Hair Salon in the World offers strand by strand hair extensions, like our world's best salon does. We offer multiple variations of strand by strand hair extensions, such as individual strand hair extensions, small strand by strand extensions, and grouped strand by strand hair extensions. All of our strand by strand hair extensions use premium 100% Human Hair, that is the best hair found in the industry. We are located in NY, New York, NYC, serving NJ, CT, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Philadelphia, Long Island, LI and more.

Strand by Strand hair extensions allow for a very natural blend of the hair extensions to your hair. The hair is very easy to wash, take care of, comb, swim with and more. Strand by strand extensions are usually small individual hair amounts that are attached and blended all over your hair. This makes the hair look and feel very natural, very real, and these type of methods are some of our most popular methods offered in our salon.

We also do Individual Strand Hair Extensions which is a hair by hair hair extension method, and is offered only in our hair salon. We use this method near edges, near bald spots, thinning hair only, since this technique takes many hours to do. No salon in NYC, NY, New Jersey, Connecticut, Manhattan, Long Island offers this unique strand by strand extensions methods.

So to recap, strand by strand types of hair extensions are one of our most popular type of hair extension methods. We offer multiple type of strand by strand hair extensions, many only offered in our world class hair salon. Visit for a free consult, we see which type of strand by strand hair extension type will be right for your needs. Best in New York City, NY, NJ, CT, the USA and the World!.















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