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Alopecia due to Lupus

A common autoimmune disorder that affects women is Lupus. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Lupus mainly affects women. The symptoms are usually fever, feeling tired, chest pain, hair loss or hair thinning, and sores. We are the best hair salon for women facing any types of hair loss or Alopecia issues including Lupus. We have dealt with hundreds of women that have either hair thinning due to Lupus, hair shedding due to Lupus, hair loss due to Lupus or bald spots due to Lupus. We have seen almost every situtation and we are experts in various hair loss solutions. We are New York’s, NY premier hair salon for women with Lupus looking for Lupus hair loss solutions. We serve the New Jersey, Connecticut, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, and Albany areas. We have women travel all over the USA and the world to visit our premier hair loss salon.

Current there are some treatments that a doctor might be able to help you with for Lupus, but there are no cures. The best thing a woman can do is deal with the symptoms and conditions from Lupus. We deal with the hair loss symptoms by having over 70 Different Hair Loss additions that can be used for women with Lupus. Nobody has more. That is why women from the NYC, NY, NJ, CT area have been visiting our hair salon for over 20 years. We are women for women hair loss salon. It does not matter where your Alopecia from Lupus is occurring, in the front, crown, rear, sides, etc, we have Lupus solutions that are natural and that use 100% Real Human hair. Nobody has better hair than our salon. So if you are a women suffering from hair loss have no fear. You have many Alopecia options. Come to our salon for hair loss solutions. You can also regrow your hair with our hair loss regrowth laser. Our 150 diode hair growth therapy laser works great in clearing out the scalp and getting circulation going again. Many women choose both hair loss treatments and hair loss solutions.

No salon in NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, and Long Island come close to us. We are the female hair loss salon specialists and we have seen every type of hair loss, especially Lupus, and have hair loss solutions to help you. Same day consults and hair services are available.












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