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Hair Loss after Menopause – Menopause Alopecia

Menopause hair loss experts located in New York, NY, NYC. We have many clients looking to restore their hair after Alopecia from Menopause. When menopause occurs, a women’s hormone balance shifts. Some women loss hair gradually, other women loss hair rapidly. Most times the hair loss from menopause is reversible. For others there is a slow thinning of hair. The number one questions for women are: what to do about menopause hair loss, hair loss after menopause, hair thinning after menopause? We are the top hair salon for women who have hair loss due to menopause, or all hair loss causes for women for that matter. We are located in New York City, NY, New York in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, Albany, all over the Tri-state area!

We have over 70 different options for women hair additions. All of these options work for women with hair loss due to menopause, alopecia due to menopause. All hair options use 100% premium human hair. Most women will only need hair additions for volume. Until your hair grows back when your hormones stabilize, most women will notice your hair growing back.

We also have laser hair treatment therapy for hair loss due to menopause. This therapy stimulates the scalp’s blood flow, and helps you grow your own hair back naturally. Many women due a combination of menopause hair loss treatments and menopause hair loss solutions.

We recommend you visit us for a consult to go over your menopause hair loss options. We are easily located in NYC, NY, New York and are very close for all clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, NJ, CT, Philadelphia and more. You can do a same day consult and hair service. You can be back and forth all in one day. Nobody will know you had thinning hair due to menopause, hair loss due to menopause, or menopause alopecia.

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