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Microchet Hair Extension System - Microchet Salon

We are pleased at to offer a system that is unique in the way it works. We, at our salon, where one of the first to offer Microchet Hair Extensions, and the first in the NYC, NY area, many years ago. Most non glue/heat based systems use metal in the form of copper and aluminum to attach hair to your own using cylinders as the go between. Microchet uses hair that comes with its ends in the shape of hooks. These hooks are attached to you hair using a threading technique.

The advantage is your hair feels light with no glues or metals. After two to three months the extension will become looser because your hair grows. The extension hair can be removed by simply cutting the thread.

We complete the Microchet Masters course, so we offer all 4 Types of Microchet hair extensions. The 4 types of Microchet hair extensions are types A-D. We are one of only a few in the world that are Microchet Masters. So rest assured when you are with us, that we are the best in the world. There is a no heat or harsh chemicals involved in this technique. There is no pulling or stress to your own hair. It is a gentle technique that is available today. If you are looking for a system that is a non glue based system, this system, Microchet Hair Extensions is a system worth exploring.

Our salon performs all 4 best Microchet extension types and loop based hair extension methods in NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT area. We are a NYC, New York leader in Microchet hair Extensions, with customers from NJ, CT, PA, Long Island and Manhattan. Funny thing is that once I add a hair extension system to my websites, the hundreds of copy cat salons around the world try to learn and do the same. We are the most copied salon in the world.

Hair comes in sizes up to 22 inches, and the cuticles are aligned to prevent tangles. Call us to find out more about this technique or many others at We go out of our way to bring you the latest styles that are available on the market.

Come in for a free consultation, and we will help find the right Microchet, or other hair extension for you.












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