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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement - Female Hair Loss Solutions of NYC, New York is not only a premier hair extension salon, but we are a full female hair replacement salon, offering a wide range of female hair loss treatments and female hair loss solutions. We are a women's hair loss salon. We focus exclusively on women's hair. We have many things that will help you hide your women's hair loss and cover your hair loss. We are the Top Women's Non Surgical Hair Replacement salon and Hair Loss Options and offer Non surgical hair options for female hair loss.

Female hair loss can occur due to many reasons. There are temporary female hair loss reasons. Some of them are the following: Female medical hair loss, pregnancy hair loss, thyroid hair loss, stress hair loss, teenage hair loss, cancer hair loss, menopause hair loss, birth control hair loss, and many more. With these types of women's hair loss, they are reversible. Since your hair only grows on average an inch each month, you will need something to cover up your female hair loss, until the hair grows back. This can take a year or more. We specialize in alopecia wigs, female hair loss wigs, hair integration wigs, and non surgical hair replacement for women.

There are also many reasons for women permanent hair loss, such as female Alopecia, Alopecia Hair Loss, Female Pattern Baldness, etc. In this case, your Hair follicles have accumulated DHT, and your hair will not grow future. The scalp's follicles have been cut off, and hence, you will need to look at long term female hair replacement. This includes Alopecia Wigs and Non surgical Hair Replacement for women. We are experts in handling a female hairs need. We are located in NYC, New York in Astoria Queens, NY. We have customers from all over the Tri-State area, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, NY, NJ, CT, Westchester, Philadelphia, Pa, Boston, etc. Best thing to do is have us analyze your hair and your many different hair options.

After traveling around the country and learning the latest in hair replacement techniques, I am proud to be able to offer the latest in Non-Surgical Hair Replacements. For those who have lost their hair to cancer treatment and other types of hair disorders, this technique is especially useful.

I now offer solutions for full head cover using the latest in medical adhesive technology and head basing that produces a full, beautiful head of hair. Process is combined with Lace Front to develop a look that is very natural. Nobody will be able to tell the hair is not yours. Ideal technique if you know your hair won't grow back for a certain period of time. This type can also be used for people suffering from long term hair abnormalities. Can be worn up to 5 weeks without removal. Each piece can last up to a year on average.

We have many different types of options on this website, that are adhesive based, ring based, attachment based, snapped based, link based, knot based and more. Find out why we are the leader in affordable based female hair loss.

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