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Hair Loss due to Pregnancy Options – Pregnancy Alopecia.

Hair Loss due to Pregnancy is very common. We have many clients that visit our salon after they have given birth that have thinning hair, shedding hair, Alopecia, hair loss due to pregnancy. Women’s bodies are very complex, hormone changes, stress, can cause hair loss after pregnancy. As women for women hair salon, we have hundreds of women come into our salon after having given birth with different range of hair loss. Most women are confused, and don’t know what to do. Located in NYC, NY, New York, serving the Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, areas, we are the hair loss experts of New York City. We have over 70 Different Hair Loss and Hair Addition options, all of which work for women with hair loss due to pregnancy, post partum hair loss, pregnancy hair loss, and thinning hair after pregnancy, etc.

We recommend you call, make an appointment for a free consult. We go over your hair loss due to pregnancy options. You can do something right after, as that is our specialty. We like to save a woman from making 2 trips, so we have a huge inventory and can do same day services. Luckily for us women, hair loss after pregnancy reverses. Your hair will grow back as the stress levels of your body go back to normal. Your hair grows back after pregnancy as your hormones return to their normal balance. What we do is we make you look like you did before the pregnancy, before the hair loss, alopecia. Your hair grows ˝ inch a month. In time, your hair will return to normal. You just need something, additions, solutions, etc, until your hair starts growing back.

You can even do a laser hair growth treatment which is popular also in our salon for pregnancy hair loss. This helps stimulate your hair follicles, and stimulate blood flow in your scalp. We are the New York leading hair salon for hair loss, pregnancy hair loss, post partum hair loss, located in New York City, NY, NYC serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, LI, NJ, CT, Albany, Philadelphia, Boston, the USA and the entire World.

Call today and set up a free hair loss after pregnancy consult.












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