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Hair Extensions Pricing - Hair Extension Costs

Hair Extensions - Our Extremely Popular Hair Extension Salon has pricing for all budgets! We have entry level hair extensions that start at only $500. We have virgins, Russians, Europeans priced in the thousands. We have something for everyone. We have a staff of 30, with 15 hair extensions and hair loss experts!

Hair Loss - Most of our clients spend from $1000 -$2000, but pricing can be more or less depending on the systems used. We have over 100 different hair extensions and hair loss techniques, and over 200 Different types if you count techniques and methods like other salons!

Pricing will depend on many factors, that is why you need to come for a free consult. We have the most options, and most clients take advantage of our same day consults and service, which will save you a trip! You can be in and out in one day! We were the first in the entire world to offer same day services!

Accept no copycats! Why go to amateurs? Some people offer cheap services in rooms, and are not even licensed salons! Other salons offer insane pricing for things we have at 70% lower! We have a huge range of choices! We have the most elite extensions and systems found anywhere in the world! No one has better! We are the best in the world at what we do!

Don't choose second best. Come to the World's Best. We are Open 7 Days a week!


















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