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RemyLinks Hair Extensions

We at of New York, NY are proud to announce a new in house, patent pending hair extension design. We call our new system RemyLinks, the premier reusable hair extension and adjustable hair extension type in the World. It is a system that will only be found here in We not only offer our clients all of the major hair extension systems for our clients to choose, but have added a new design to our growing list of custom solutions that includes keratin and silicon based systems, our unique weaving designs, custom clip in solutions, and now our own non glue, non heat based system. We are located in NYC, NY in our plush salon in Astoria, Queens, NY serving the Tri-State area for over 17 years.

Great Hair and our Unique Attachment System is the base for our system. We attach the hair via a custom made metal attachment that uses both copper and stainless steel. The colors of these links matches the hair, and are much stronger and smaller than the links found on other metal based system. Also, we have developed a new re-enforced keratin tip that last much longer on the ends of the hair. Our unique system holds twice as long as other leading systems. This allows you to be able to reuse more of the hair over and over in future hair extensions, without having the tips come apart. Our hair system is a reusable hair extension type, or an adjustable hair extension type.

We offer Two Remylinks Systems.

First, VIRGIN Remylinks is our own TRUE VIRGIN based hair extension system. Through extensive worldwide travel, we have made contacts with hair factories in Europe and Russia that sell Pure Virgin Hair. This is a Hair that has never been colored. Hair that has never been chemically altered. All natural, in every way. Tested under microscopes and moisture analyzers. But you don't have to take my word for it, the feel of the hair tells no lies, and when you come in for a consultation, you can see for yourself that this is the finest hair on the market.

Colors are limited, since there is no alteration to the natural colors. We then attach the hair using our own factory designed metal attachments that are a blend of copper and stainless steel and are barely noticeable. You will then have a new head of hair that will make you look and feel great.

This is our most expensive product line that we offer in our salon, since this type of hair is extremely rare. But I promise you that your hair will never have looked so good!

Second, we offer our Original Remylinks brand. This hair is Full Cuticle, Remy hair that is amongst the best found in the world. It is second only to that of our Virgin brand. The hair is expensive, but not as expensive as our virgin line. It is attached in the same manner as the above VIRGIN line. The color line is more extensive, this way you have more options to choose from.

We offer some of the Best RemyLinks based hair extension systems at our New York, NYC, NY hair salon.

Come in for a free consultation. I promise I will help you decide the right line for you. We offer around 70 different hair extension techniques, and that number is growing by the day. We have clients from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, NJ, CT, Brooklyn, Queens, Boston, Philadelphia, and more, with many international travelers. I travel the world to help my clients have the best hair possible, and will continue to do so in the future.


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