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Seamless Hair Extensions - NYC, New York, NY Hair Salon for Seamless Extensions

Seamless hair extensions are a hair extension technique that has been available for years. Many salons offer seamless extensions, because they are very easy to do. It requires very little skill, you just basically tape strips of hair extensions to the hair base. There are many different brands of seamless extensions, Simplicity being one of them. We offer many brands and methods of seamless hair extensions. We are located in NYC, New York, NY, and serve the CT, Connecticut, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, LI, New Jersey, NJ, Westchester and more.

Seamless Extensions can go by many different names, depending on who is offering them. They can be called Tape Extensions, tape in extensions, taped extensions, and some people even use words with fusion in the title for them. But if you look around the industry, these type of extensions are known as the easiest extensions to do, so you get many amateur salons that offer this type of extension only. It takes an hour to do, it is very simple. We offer like 5 different versions of seamless extensions in our world class salon. We usually do them for the following cases: when women ask for them, and for certain events they work like proms and weddings. Pricing is cheaper than many other types of hair extensions.

If you are not sure what to do, not sure what type of hair extension to do, the best thing to do is call our hair salon, schedule a free consult. We will see what is going to work for you based upon your hair texture, type, budget and goals. Seamless might be the solution, but then again maybe it is not. Let us know when you want to visit, and we will go over your options. We are the NYC, NJ, Ct, New York, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, leaders when it comes to seamless extensions, tape in extensions, tape on extensions, strip extensions and more.
















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