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SoCap Hair Extensions

We at are proud to offer all three different SoCap Hair Extensions company brands, along with all of their product offerings. They each have a ultrasonic method, tape in method, hot fusion method along with a micro link method. We do them all, 12 different types in total. We are Specialists in all Socap hair extension methods.

The three different SoCap types are:

:: Original SoCap Hair Extensions
:: Euro SoCap Hair Extensions
:: SoCap USA Hair Extensions

What are the reasons there are 3 Different SoCap's Extensions you might be asking yourself? The original owners, I believe they were brothers, split up the business and each started their own company, but wanted to keep the company name. To accomplish this, they renamed each company with the Euro Extensions, Original Extensions, and USA trademark.

We in our NYC, New York hair salon were on of the first to offer all 3 different SoCap hair extension types. To be honest with you, most of the copycat salons out there, do not even know there are 3 different So Cap Hair Extensions out there, until they read this website. That is why people from Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, CT, Pa, Westchester, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc. We perform all 3 SoCap hair extensions types such as Euro SoCap hair extensions, SoCap USA Extensions, Original SoCap.

All three basically work in similar fashions. SoCap is a hair extension line based on fusion. In a similar fashion to that of Great Lengths, Hair is attached in bundles with Keratin tips and these tips are attached to your hair. The hair is of average quality, and makes for a nice attachment for bold colors that allow you to show off your free spirit. This technique comes in many colors and textures. It is priced more affordably than many of our other lines due to hair quality and the average duration the extension lasts. If you are a budget oriented individual, this technique might be the one for you.

I offer all three for basically two reasons. As my customers know, I work for the benefit of you. I want to give you, the customer, all of the possible choices that I can. I will work until I can offer every single quality line available in the market. The second reason is that I have received many requests for the other lines. I always carried Original, but had people call me and say "Patricia, I am used to Euro SoCap", or "Patricia, my last salon did SoCap USA, and that is the one I want". So now, in order to make everyone happy, I offer all three.

All three have slightly different bonding tips and hair quality. I have samples and inventory from all three and I will help you decide which one is right for you. We will help you decide which one of the many different extension types and styles would be best for you. Based upon hair type and budget, we will find the hair look that you have always wanted!

Call us for a free consultation and we can determine if SoCap Hair Extensions, or some other hair extensions, are going to be right for you.





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