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Training Classes for Hair Extensions

We teach hair extensions.  Do you want to learn hair extensions?  Are you looking for hair extensions training classes?  We are the world’s best, why not learn from the best.  There are many places you can go for hair extensions training, but only one is the best.  We are the best one on one training center for hair extensions.  We teach 4 different training classes in our NYC location.  Our classes are not cheap; we charge $2500 for an 8 hour, one day training class, in each of our 4 subjects.

Take hair extensions training classes from the best in the world of all hair extensions. We teach Fusion Hair Extensions, teach Micro Ring hair extensions, teach Lace Wigs Applications, and teach Hair Integration classes.  These are the 4 different hair extensions and hair loss classes we teach.  You will be able to buy hair from us at a wholesale cost, after the completion of your training course.  That is a key advantage to you that we provide.

We have people from Europe, Asia, Latin America that travel to us for our training classes.  Everyone wants to learn from the best.  We are the best in the business.  All classes are one on one, with real world training.  You get to learn about the hair extensions business from the best.

There are places on the internet that charge small amounts of money for hair extensions training.  Why go to someone who is not successful in the business.  We have techniques not found anywhere; we have ways to work not done by others.  We are the best in extensions, by far, so if you want to learn hair extensions, or sign up for hair extensions training, send us an email to

State what day you would like to start, what topic you would like to learn.  We give multi day discounts, so if you are interested in more than one subject, let us know!

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