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Trichotillomania Specialists – Hair Pulling Disorder Options

Suffer from Trichotillomania? Have Trichotillomania symptoms? Pull your Hair? Well, you are not alone. We have OVER 100 women that suffer from Trichotillomania who visit our salon. That is not 1 or 10, but over 100. Why do we have so many clients? That is because we have many options for women that make the damage that was caused from this hair pulling, look like it disappeared. That is correct, we have options that make it look like it never happened. We have options that if you pull at it again, we can easily adjust and fix it. We are the NYC, New York City, NY, New Jersey, Connecticut, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester experts when it comes to Trichotillomania.

We have over 11 Different Hair Loss Options, and over 60 More Options for hair extensions for a total of over 70 different hair extend options. Most of these options WORK for Trichotillomania. Don’t go to a place that doesn’t have any real solutions for your hair pulling issues. We have clients as young as 12, and as old as 60. You are not alone. We are the New York destination for Trichotillomania. We have solutions that help you grow your hair and solutions that help you blend in your hair loss.

Over 100 women trust our salon with their Trichotillomania Solutions. We have many people that overcame the problem with their time with us, and were able to grow back their hair like it was before. Nobody is a specialist in NYC like we are for Hair Pulling issues. Don’t overpay in Manhattan, NJ, or Long Island. Many people charge huge amounts for inferior products. Our Hair Solutions are all 100% Human Hair, the best on the market. We have over 30 different products that were developed in our lab. Nobody else can offer it.

Set up a free consult, we go over your Trichotillomania options, we find the best options for you hair at our New York hair salon. You have nothing to lose, so give us a call! We are the New York Trichotillomania Specialists.













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