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BlendLines Hair Extensions

People are always asking us, who did we do it? How do we keep coming up with the most innovative hair extensions designs? We are hair extensions experts , and we have a PhD in design as one of our owners in our salon who works closely with our hair extension team. We have created our own line, available exclusively at Patricia’s Hair Extensions salon, called BlendLines. This is a cutting edge Weft Hair Extension type that is removable and adjustable It is used to create both length and volume, and is fast to use, easy to use, and uses only the finest hair found in the world. No wonder so many people call our hair salon, the Peoples Salon, because we serve the people with all of their hair needs, and we are the leaders in New York, NYC, New York City, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, LI, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Boston and Philadelphia areas, in offering only the best in quality hair extension products.

We created BlendLines from scratch, with the idea to make the best product found on the market. We have created around 20 different hair techniques that are only found in our salon, the hair extensions salons experts in New York. We wanted to create a vast strip weft that was easy to use, can be adjusted quickly and easily, and serves a need ion the market. We have many types of Weft hair extensions types that are only found in our top hair extensions salon.

I realize people reading our website might say, “Wow, so many choices, what do I do?”The answer is simple, call our hair extensions salon and schedule a free consult. We offer free consults, we go over your options based upon your hair type, texture, goals, and budget. Don’t over think the site, we do all the work for you! And it is free!

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